Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation

There are presently no open calls for applications.

The mission of the Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation is to raise awareness of and appreciation for photography and photographers who are citizens or residents of the United States by supporting photographic projects and career development, with a concentration on documentary photography. 

The Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation funds documentary photography programs and related projects in the United States.  We also support K-12 education programs that teach photography. Grants to organizations range from $3K - $50K, most grants being in the amounts of $10-20,000. Grants to individuals with Fiscal Sponsors range from $1K - $15K. 

The Foundation is unable to fund multi-year grants, administrative costs, salaries, capital improvements, projects or programs that support work of non-U.S. citizens or residents, or grants to individuals. All grant recipients must have 501(c)3 status.  

Preliminary letters of inquiry are encouraged.
Send all letters of inquiry to

Send a hard copy of the LOI or additional application materials to:
   Phillip and Edith Leonian Foundation
   130 W 25th St, 12A
   New York, NY 10001

The next deadline for grant proposals is March 15, 2022.

Applications will need to include​:

  • brief summary of the project/program
  • detailed description the project/program 
  • project budget with Leonian funds clearly defined
  • list of other committed and potential funders
  • organization's mission statement
  • organization's information/history
  • organization’s annual budget
  • organization’s board of trustees
  • proof of 501(c)3 status
  • for those applying with a Fiscal Sponsor: letter of agreement from Sponsor with duties clearly defined; proof of tax-exempt status of Fiscal Sponsor
  • resume(s) of project director(s)
  • photographic images, press articles, or other representative publications